Partial and Full Denture

Removable Partial and Full Dentures

Removable partial dentures replace missing teeth. The replacement teeth are set into a pink plastic base that may or may not have a metal framework. They have rests or hooks that attach to your existing teeth.
Full dentures replace all upper and/or lower teeth. These teeth sit into a pink, gum-colored base.

What Should I Expect?
  • Inserting and removing your partial will take some practice.
  • The partial should fit into place with relative ease. NEVER force it into position by biting down.
    It may feel awkward at first. This is normal.
  • Follow the instructions you are given for maintenance.
  • Leave your denture out at night so the tissue can breathe.
  • Call the office to make an appointment if you get a sore spot. Most importantly, make sure that you wear the denture for 24 hours before the appointment, so that the dentist can easily identify the sore spot.
  • You will eventually become accustomed to eating with the new partial denture. Avoid sticky and hard to chew foods while you are first getting used to wearing it.
  • You might need some time to adjust to speaking. Reading out loud and practicing speaking is the fastest way to adjust.
How do I take care of removable dentures?
  • DO NOT use toothpaste to clean your denture
  • Use only the cleaners that have been approved by the American Dental Association.
  • Brush your denture every day to remove food deposits and stains. It is best to use a brush that is designed to clean dentures.
  • Dentures must be kept moist. Keep the denture submerged in water at night.
  • Never chew, swallow, or gargle with denture cleaners
  • Always thoroughly rinse the denture before placing it in your mouth.

Partial dentures: We recommend seeing the dentist twice a year for your preventative cleaning and exam. The dentist will examine your existing teeth, your oral tissues, and your partial. Your partial will be thoroughly cleaned and adjusted, if necessary.

Full dentures: It is strongly recommended to see the dentist at least once a year if you have full dentures. The dentist will check the condition of both the denture and your oral tissues to make sure both are healthy. Your denture will be thoroughly cleaned and adjusted, if necessary.


As we age, the mouth naturally changes, which can affect the fit of your denture. These changes will often require adjustments. Poor fitting dentures can cause various problems including sores and infections.

DO NOT attempt to adjust your denture yourself. You can cause serious harm to the denture and possibly to your health.

A smile is our greeting card, the warm “hello”. When our teeth make us uncomfortable, or even unhappy, there is little to smile about. That was how I felt about my teeth, and while it didn’t stop me from smiling, I would do so without showing my teeth.

So often people stop me, praise my beautiful smile and comment how fortunate I am to have such perfect teeth. With a big grin, I am proud to credit our move here and finding the best dentist, Dr. Louis Giordano.

Walking down the street or through the store, I am quick to say “hello” with my smile.

- L.B.

The six week PerioGel treatment tray had a resounding positive effect on my gums.  Before treatment my gums were painful and swollen. Two weeks into treatment they were less painful and the gum bleeding had diminished. After the six weeks they are pink, healthy, and pain-free.

Heather explained each step in a way that gave me confidence in preparing and carrying out the PerioGel treatment at home. The treatment does take time and effort, but I feel it has been a very worthwhile investment in the health and future of my gums and teeth.

- Wendy Feal

I approached your business because I had heard many positive stories from people who had been previously treated by you. I’m happy to say I listened to them and I took action.

I came to you because I was experiencing a lot of pain associated with my clenching and grinding of my jaw/teeth. You took the time to really listen to my concerns. You spent a good amount of time examining my bite. Based on your findings, you crafted an appliance for me that allows my jaw to find “rest”. You also adjusted my bite.

I’m happy with the result and want to thank you for your expertise, as well as, your wonderful bedside manner.

- R.M., Apalachin, NY

I had no idea where to turn. First, I thought it was an ear issue or a tooth problem, but neither was the cause. The pain was unbearable to say the least. Ready to try anything, my dentist suggested I try Dr. Giordano and Thank God! After my initial appointment, a device to wear, and an amazing staff, I was on my way to relief after months of agony and happily pain-free today! Thank you Dr. Giordano and your great team.

- Lou Barner, Barton, NY

I can’t thank Dr. Giordano enough!  I can actually chew on the right side of my mouth without pain for the first time in years!  No other dentist had been able to figure out why I still had pain after having root canals.  I was told that Dr. Giordano was such a great dentist so I thought I would give him a try.  I am so glad that I did!  His equipment is state of the art and his dentistry is perfection!  He took the time needed to figure out my bite issue.

I also want to say that his office staff are the most pleasant, knowledgeable and professional people that I have experienced.  Insurance claims are always submitted promptly too.
I have been recommending Dr. Giordano to everyone I know!  I can’t thank him enough for helping me!

- S.S.

I was referred to Dr. Giordano by my family physician for jaw, neck and head pain. The office was warm and friendly, the receptionist was more than helpful working with my insurance to get the best coverage for me. After my initial testing and finding out I had TMJ, I was seen four more times and my pain and symptoms are 98-100% better! I would highly recommend Dr. Louis Giordano and his staff.

- C.B.

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