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There is a Difference

There is a difference is our new Blog series that allows us to help you understand that there is a difference in quality of dentistry from one dentist to the next. Most of us wouldn’t just go to anybody to get our hair cut no matter how cheap it is or just take our children to the cheapest childcare. We don’t think twice about spending $5 for a cup of coffee several times a week. And here is the crazy thing- if you break down the cost of getting your teeth cleaned and examined twice a year, it comes to about $25/month. For some reason, people are more apt to sacrifice quality of dental care for less cost or the thought that insurance should pay for everything. Which is really scary because one of the only ways you can get cheap dental care is to go to a dentist who participates with an insurance company. Why is that scary, you ask? Well, in order to afford to be in those plans, the dentist has to see more patients in less time and increase the amount of treatment they do on each patient- whether or not the treatment is truly needed.

It all boils down to quality over quantity. There are basically two types of dental practices: The Insurance driven practice (Needs to see more patients in less time and increase the amount of treatment they do on each patient- whether or not the treatment is truly needed) and the patient driven practice (Doing only what the patient needs).

We are a patient driven practice. We care very much about the quality of the care you receive. Quality care means you get the best care and only the care that you need, nothing more and nothing less. Quality care also means the work will last. As an out of network provider, we choose to see fewer patients in a day in order to ensure an extremely high level of patient care. After all, you are a person and not a number.

Insurance companies don’t look at patient care the same way we do. They want us to become in-network. This means that the dentist now works for the insurance company. In this scenario the only way to offset operational costs is to see more people in a day, which leads to finding more treatment on patients (over treating), which in turn leads to a “patient mill” style of practice, which leads to an exhausted staff and patients getting treatment they don’t even need! A lose-lose scenario.

Staying out-of-network allows us to take the time we need to properly diagnose your dental condition, as well as, the underlying causes of any dental problems, and treat only what truly needs to be done. This type of dental practice requires honesty, expertise, and individual attention to you, our patient. These are qualities we value and are the core of what we do and who we are.

That all being said, we will submit your insurance claims and fight to get you the best coverage possible whether you are in or out of network. We will also answer any and all questions you have. Fortunately, since we are out of network, we will have plenty of time to answer those questions and get to know you as a person. That’s a win-win scenario!