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TMD & Sleep Disorders … The Critical Connection

Do you suffer from…

Snoring (affecting other’s sleep), Dizziness, Unable to tolerate CPA, Ear pain or fullness, Headaches, Limited mouth opening, Face pain, Sinus congestion, Neck Pain, Chronic fatigue, Shoulder pain, Frequent night awakenings, Back pain, Night-time choking spells, Locking jaw, Feeling unrested upon wakening, Clicking/popping jaw joints, GERD, Teeth clenching or grinding, ADD/ADHD

…and have you sought treatment that just hasn’t worked?


Stop Suffering. We have a SOLUTION!

We offer a FREE informational session held once a month on Tuesday evenings and includes a screening for participants to identify their primary cause(s) to treat.You may be surprised to find out how these symptoms might be related to jaw joint dysfunction (TMJ/TMD) and/or Sleep Disorders.


Join us and take control of your life again.

Join Dr. Louis Giordano, D.D.S. in his office, located at 864 Hooper Road, Endwell, NY, and see why Dr. Giordano’s TMD and Sleep Therapies have a success rate of greater than 95%!

Space is limited, so please call or email us to find out when the next session is.

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