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June 3, 2015: I officially become a teenager

Today was the big day. Metal braces. The kind that shine when you smile. The kind that prompt your younger brother to gleefully call you: Brace Face. Yes, that’s me, good ol’ Metal Mouth. Except I’m not a teenager. I’m 31. And I have braces.

This sounds like a confession, something that I’d rather hide, but, honestly, I was excited for today. I’ll admit, it’s a bit painful. My mouth is not too pleased at having to make room for all this extra “stuff,” but I’m happy. It’s a step in the right direction on my journey to better oral and overall health.

Before coming to work for Dr. Giordano, I always thought I had a relatively “healthy” mouth: no cavities, good oral hygiene, and always on time for my 6 month cleaning. And I had been told as a teen that I “didn’t need braces.” However, working in a dental office makes you keenly aware that what you might perceive as “normal and healthy” is not necessarily so. The body is very good at adapting to situations that are not ideal. It’s a good trait to have. Our adaptability has allowed our species to both thrive and survive. However, just because something is, does not mean that it should be. Such was the case with my mouth…

To Be Continued…