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July 16th, 2015: My first retie!

Here I am, six weeks out. The pain has lessened considerably. My teeth have already started to shift, which is awesome. I can eat regular food (though I still have baby food for snacks, just in case!). And my braces now seem normal—to me, at least.

A number of our patients have stopped to comment on my braces, wondering who my Orthodontics is. Yes, Dr. Giordano does braces! And I’m glad he does. As I started to say two posts ago, I had some potentially major issues with my mouth—ones that I didn’t realize were there until I became Dr. Giordano’s patient.

When I started working at Dr. Giordano’s office, he advised me that my bite was off. Basically, that means that my teeth don’t come together properly when I chew. Over time, this has resulted in some of my gum tissue pulling away from my teeth—not a dire issue, but not a good one to have either. Left unaddressed, gum recession can worsen, which could result in more serious problems down the line. Hence the need for braces.
More updates to come soon!