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Oral Cancer Fact #8

Additional risk factors for oral cancers include high alcohol consumption, the use of smokeless (chewing/spit) tobacco, as well as, prolonged exposure to the sun (for lip cancers).

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Oral Cancer Fact #7

Tobacco use, in any form, and even more so combination with heavy alcohol consumption, remains the primary risk factor for oral cancer. However, if currents trends continue, HPV may, in the next decade, become the dominant cause.

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Oral Cancer Fact #6

The rates of oral cancer occurance and death amoung African Americans are twice as high as they are amoung Caucasians. This is related to lifestyle choices and socio-economic factors, not biology.

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Oral Cancer Fact #5

Twenty years ago, the male to female ratio of oral cancer occurance was ten men to one woman. The ratio now is two men to one woman. Tobacco marketing (“You’ve come a long way baby”) and the virus are the primary reasons behind this shift to a greater number of women in the oral cancer population.

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Oral Cancer Fact #4

Historically, oral cancer has been most likely to occur after the age of 50. However, the fastest growing segment of the oral cancer population are people in the 25-50 year old age range. Evidence from leading cancer centers shows that most of this younger group are non-smokers. These patients represent a completely different etiology for getting the cancer from the historical tobacco and heavy alcohol users, and that is from an oncogenic virus, HPV16. This is the same virus responsible for the vast majority of cervical cancers. Evidence indicates that this virus can be sexually transmitted between partners, and accounts for the increase in young, non-smoking victims of oral cancer who do not fall into the historical tobacco risk factor group.

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Oral Cancer fact #3

In the U.S., someone dies of oral cancer every hour of every day. The death rate has remained relatively constant for almost five decades. About 100 new individuals will be diagnosed with oral cancer in the US every day of the year.

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Oral Cancer Fact #2

Each year, orar cancer kills more people in the U.S. than other more widely known forms of cancer, including skin cancer (malignant melanoma), lymphatic cancer (lymphoma), thyroid, and cervical cancer.

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The Facts about Oral Cancer

I will be sharing some facts about Oral Cancer over the next few weeks. The information I will be sharing is from The Oral Cancer Foundation. More information can be obtained from their website: www.oralcancer.org.
Fact 1:

Approximately 40,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year in the US. If you include cancer of the throat, which have the same risk factors, another 12,000 individuals are added to that number. Because a large number of these individuals will be diagnosed as late stage cancers (66%), only 57% of them will survive five years. Worldwide this is a much greater problem where diagnosis of new cases will reach approximately 640,000 and the associated deaths each year will reach almost 350,000.

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