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July 16th, 2015: My first retie!

Here I am, six weeks out. The pain has lessened considerably. My teeth have already started to shift, which is awesome. I can eat regular food (though I still have baby food for snacks, just in case!). And my braces now seem normal—to me, at least.

A number of our patients have stopped to comment on my braces, wondering who my Orthodontics is. Yes, Dr. Giordano does braces! And I’m glad he does. As I started to say two posts ago, I had some potentially major issues with my mouth—ones that I didn’t realize were there until I became Dr. Giordano’s patient.

When I started working at Dr. Giordano’s office, he advised me that my bite was off. Basically, that means that my teeth don’t come together properly when I chew. Over time, this has resulted in some of my gum tissue pulling away from my teeth—not a dire issue, but not a good one to have either. Left unaddressed, gum recession can worsen, which could result in more serious problems down the line. Hence the need for braces.
More updates to come soon!

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June 8, 2015: My first bracket comes off

Five days in and my first bracket (i.e. one of my braces) popped off. Full disclosure: This particular bracket had a hook that was digging into my inner cheek. I had asked Dr. Giordano to try bending back the offensive hook. In his effort to do so, the little bugger came off. I didn’t relish having it put back on. The process of putting braces on the teeth is not glamorous: you have to etch the surface of each tooth with acid (read: a solution that tastes like bile) to help adhere the metal to your tooth enamel. You also have to have your mouth opened absurdly wide so that the dentist and his assistant can do their work. It’s a bit like eating your veggies as a kid: you really don’t like doing it, but you know it’s for a good cause. And, truly lucky me, I have the best people doing the job. But yes, it’s not pleasant. I won’t sugar coat it.

In fact, being an adult with braces comes with some additional not-so-fun add-ons. For instance, since I’m that much older than the teenagers who are the usual candidates for orthodontic work, my bones are that much harder and less inclined to move. Hence, the pain I experienced after my June 3rd appointment (when I got my braces put on), was at a higher level that most. I could barely eat. Not fun. I still can’t really eat normal food. But it’s not all bad. I rediscovered the joys of baby food. Seriously. There’s some high end, quality purees out there like purple carrot, apple, and spinach. So at least vegetables will taste good! ;o)

Also, I can already feel my mouth changing. More to come on that soon!

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June 3, 2015: I officially become a teenager

Today was the big day. Metal braces. The kind that shine when you smile. The kind that prompt your younger brother to gleefully call you: Brace Face. Yes, that’s me, good ol’ Metal Mouth. Except I’m not a teenager. I’m 31. And I have braces.

This sounds like a confession, something that I’d rather hide, but, honestly, I was excited for today. I’ll admit, it’s a bit painful. My mouth is not too pleased at having to make room for all this extra “stuff,” but I’m happy. It’s a step in the right direction on my journey to better oral and overall health.

Before coming to work for Dr. Giordano, I always thought I had a relatively “healthy” mouth: no cavities, good oral hygiene, and always on time for my 6 month cleaning. And I had been told as a teen that I “didn’t need braces.” However, working in a dental office makes you keenly aware that what you might perceive as “normal and healthy” is not necessarily so. The body is very good at adapting to situations that are not ideal. It’s a good trait to have. Our adaptability has allowed our species to both thrive and survive. However, just because something is, does not mean that it should be. Such was the case with my mouth…

To Be Continued…

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