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Case #4

This patient wanted her spaces on the top and bottom closed. She was embarking on a new career and wanted a smile that could make her feel confident. I used a combination of in- office whitening and composite (tooth-colored) bonding. I then free-hand sculpted filling material on four of the front teeth to achieve the beautiful smile you see on your right.

There is a difference!

It takes a great deal of artistic skill to sculpt well. It’s necessary to have abundant patience, as well as skill when performing dental work. My abilities and attention to detail are clearly represented here. Note the perfect shade matching, shaping of the teeth, the closure of the spaces, smooth edges and balanced bite. All of this attention to detail ensures not only that the teeth look beautiful the day that they are done, but that they remain beautiful for many years to come. The patient has been able to keep her smile healthy because she has been able to floss and brush well. The result: A smile that was completed more than 12 years ago that has required no additional maintenance in order to remain beautiful.