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Case #3

The proverbial hockey player: This patient got hit in the mouth with a hockey puck. He wasn’t wearing a mouthguard. You can see that he had a combination of lost teeth, as well as injured teeth. This wasn’t a quick fix. The patient wore a temporary partial to replace his missing upper tooth during the process so that he could smile. The upper tooth that was knocked out was replaced with an implant. The tooth next to it was repaired with composite (tooth-colored) bonding, as were the lower teeth. Orthodontics were used to close the lower space and correct the tooth crowding of the lower teeth. In-office whitening was done prior to restoring any teeth.

There is a difference!

While there may have been other quicker options for treatment (such as removable partials), taking the time to do what was best for the patient and to do it well resulted in a beautiful, healthy smile that doesn’t have to be removed and left in a cup overnight! It also resulted in a well-balanced bite that will keep his smile and surrounding structures healthy for many years to come. Oh, by the way, I also made the patient a custom mouthguard that he wears every time he plays hockey!