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Case #1

This patient came to see us after breaking his tooth while playing football. He brought the broken piece with him. I was able to use the combination of the broken piece and composite (tooth-colored) bonding to repair this tooth. If I didn’t show you the picture, would you have known which tooth broke?

There is a difference!

The inability to tell that the tooth was broken in the first place is the true sign of mastery. This repair was done in 45 minutes. The patient and his parents were both relieved and pleased with this great result.

Most offices would have done a root canal, post and crown. I used a very conservative approach which was the most appropriate choice for this young patient. Might this patient need a root canal, post or crown in the future? ….Yes, it is a possibility. But putting it off for as long as possible is better for the overall health of the tooth and ultimately the patient! And there is always the possibility that the tooth won’t need any further treatment!